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Testimonials :

" I discovered BollyFuze about 3 weeks ago on the television channel ONE here in Canada and I really enjoyed the show and I just really wanted to say thank-you.My ADHD Coach has been at me for quite a while to get some daily physical activity but I was having a hard time finding something that was fun, interesting and entertaining and that I could do in my own home as I am very self-conscious when I'm in public. BollyFUZE fit the bill perfectly and I had a great 3 weeks. I love to dance and the show was something different everyday so I didn’t find myself getting bored and fed up like I did with so many other fitness shows on TV or DVD."                                                        - M Presby ​

Dear Ms Chetram  & BollyFuze
I am a 53 yr old woman in ottawa who was stricken with near fatal meningitis. I survived but with some brain injury, I have been told by the head of the brain rehab clinic that they would like me to start antidepressants and sleep aids. Long story short I would prefer a more natural method so after 20 yrs of not exercising I went searching on TV for a fitness program and found yours...You my dear , have been a godsend. I am already feeling physically fitter and sleeping better thanks to you. I feel mentally in as they say a better place and less discouraged by the fact that I cannot do things as easily as before. I will keep doing Bolly Fuze and look forward to your program daily... Thank you for the hope and I`m also advising other friends my age to tune in...

Mrs Jo-Anne Belanger


1. No Equipment!
BollyFIT is a workout that uses your own muscle mass to tone and sculpt! group in your body !

2. No Experience is required!
Never danced before? That is absolutely fine! BollyFIT is NOT about being co -ordinated with your fellow group mates. It’s about continuous movement and a positive attitude!

3. It’s fun!
BollyFIT is created in such a way that you forget about”working out” and you just have a blast!!

Welcome to BollyFuze

BollyFuze ( Formerly known as BollyFIT) Is a Bollywood dance based workout designed to get you up and moving! This 1 hour class blends together elements of Indian Classical, Modern Bollywood & Folk dance with main stream fitness techniques to give you a full body workout. BollyFuze is designed for all levels, ages & abilities so get ready to enjoy the energetic beats of Bollywood while getting fit & having fun!

BollyFuze Program Descriptions
1. BollyFuze Cardio :
Our Cardio program is geared towards individuals who want to challenge their fitness goals and aim for weight loss. BollyFuze Cardio amps up the dance routines & integrates the interval system by taking your heart rate up & bringing it back to a steady pace to keep you in the fat burning zone!

2. BollyFuze RHYTHM
Our Rhythm Program is geared towards mobility, blood flow & joint movement. Our Rhyth m classes take particiapnts through a medium paced Bollywood Workout !

3. Cardio & Choreo
Our Specialized Cardio & Choreo Nights are a great way to blend together Fitness & Fun! We take the essence of Bollywood dance choreography & accent it with touches of Fitness!Starting the night off with a  fun BollyFuze Warm Up we take the particiapnts through a 30 minute Bollywood Choreography where they learn various moves & at the end of the session have put together a mini Bollywood Dance Routine.
About the Founder 

The International BollyFuze Craze ( Formerly BollyFit)  was founded by Indian Classical Dancer Reshmi Chetram. Reshmi  has been a part of the dancing scene for the past 18 years. She started Kathak- a North Indian classical dance style at the age of 5 and has continued to expand her passion for dance.Reshmi Chetram,daughter of Mrs. Deviekha Chetram, Founder of the Tarana Dance Centre and Natya Arts Productions. Reshmi is being recognized as one of Toronto’s emerging professional artists. Through her experience with Bollywood, Classical dance & contemporary she has found the need to develop a system that tends to the body’s muscles.Through her body conditioning workshops Reshmi found a way to fuse both elements of Bollywood dance  and Aerobics together. She found that, not only was it fun but It allows for effective muscle toning and fat burning ! Reshmi's BollyFuze Program has touched the lives of many Today Reshmi has been able to launch BollyFuze successfully across Toronto & is the Host to her own Bollywood Fitness Show BollyFit .

For more information on Reshmi, visit www.reshmichetram.com